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We are proud to stock a beautiful collection of Morilee bridal gowns. It is incredibly important to us that our designers share our values, and Morilee has something stunning for everyone, with standard sizes available from a 4-34.

“We’re not just making something to wear. We’re making magic.” – Madeline Gardner, Chief Design Officer at Morilee.

Morilee gowns have great structure and are of lovely quality. From a New York City family business to one of the leading dress makers in the industry, Morilee has certainly been the dress of choice for many brides.

Is a Morilee gown for you?

Morilee dresses often feature beautiful lace and sparkle. Whimsical, unique and magical is how Morilee themselves describe them. They are also beautiful and timeless, plus, essential to our ethos at Brides View is that they deliver excellent quality and fit well on all body shapes. A quick look through the rail of them and we’re sure you will see why we love them!

Morilee has been creating stunning gowns for over 70 years since they began in 1953. Founder Evlynn Udell, launched the business in a time when female entrepreneurs weren’t common – and we love this! The brand maintained its family roots in the years since, with the founders brother, husband and son all joining the team. Morilee prides itself on generations of passion and evolution still being core to the brand as a part of its legacy in the modern era.

If you choose a Morilee gown it will be brought to life by one of their expert team. Each dress is hand-crafted by their dressmakers, ensuring every bead, sparkle and sequin is placed just right!

What does a Morilee gown cost?

Morilee wedding dresses are from £1400.

What is the lead time on a Morilee gown?

The delivery time to make your beautiful dress is 4-8 months, so allowing time for alterations we advise dress shopping 12 months before your wedding.